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Data Security Confidentiality Agreement

Data Security Confidentiality Agreement (the “Confidentiality Agreement”)

This Confidentiality Agreement is a binding and effective contract concluded by Guance Information Technology Co., Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Guance"), the operator of Guance, and the user (hereinafter referred to as “You”). Guance provides users with the products and services displayed on this website (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”/the “Product”), and will constantly update the service contents. The latest services are subject to the page display and the actual provision to users of relevant products and services on this website.

You acknowledge that you have fully read, understood and accepted the entire content of this Confidentiality Agreement (in particular those highlighted in bold and/or underlined) prior to using this service, and that by choosing to agree to use this service, you agree to comply with all the provisions of this Confidentiality Agreement.

Contents of Confidentiality Agreement

1. Scope of Confidential Content

(1)Behavior data generated during your use of the product;

(2)Relevant data we collected from the corresponding cloud vendor API through your authorization;

(3)Relevant data we collected through your self-installed probe;

(4)All confidential or proprietary information about Guance that you know when using this product and service, including but not limited to the operation data, services, products, business plans, sales plans, technical ideas, technical data, customer lists and business channels of Guance; information related to the business system, product design, operation, forecast, business opportunity and strategy, advertisement and promotion, and information related to the personnel of Guance; and any other confidential or proprietary information.

2. Your data will be encrypted and protected by Guance

All information received and transmitted by Guance will be completely encrypted, and we are committed to using advanced encryption technology to ensure that your data is protected as much as possible.

3. Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities of Both Parties

3.1 Both parties shall abide by this Confidentiality Agreement and all laws and regulations related to data protection.

3.2 You promise that the information obtained by Guance with your authorization is legal and the information has been obtained with the consent of the information owner.

3.3 You understand and authorize:

(a) your relevant confidential content under this Confidentiality Agreement be used to help you analyze and diagnose problems in the use of cloud computing and enhance your service experience;

(b) Due to the need to provide services to you, your relevant confidential contents under this Confidentiality Agreement be provided to a third party deemed necessary by Guance.

3.4 When you request to delete relevant data after your service is terminated, Guance will destroy relevant data after its approval.

4. The confidentiality obligations of this Confidentiality Agreement are not applicable in the following situations:

4.1 Information already known to the public because of you;

4.2 Information already known to the public through other channels other than you, these channels are not restricted by the confidentiality obligations;

4.3 Information disclosed due to the application of law and as required by courts or other state authorities.


Due to your need of using certain functions of Guance, Guance will clearly specify or suggest that you provide the account number/key with the corresponding scope of authority. If you finally provide an account number/key beyond the aforesaid authority, all consequences (including but not limited to data exposure, tampering, etc.) will be borne by you, and Guance will not bear any legal responsibility for this.

You confirm that before you use the corresponding functions of Guance, Guance has given you sufficient tips and clear explanations on the above disclaimer. Based on the aforesaid tips and explanations, you confirm that the clearly marked parts of the above clauses are clauses that exempt or limit the responsibilities of Guance, and fully understand the above contents without objection.

The final right of interpretation of this Confidentiality Agreement of this Product belongs to Guance Information Technology Co., Limited. The validity, interpretation, alteration, enforcement and dispute resolution of the provisions of this Confidentiality Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong. All disputes arising from this Confidentiality Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong and submitted to the courts of Hong Kong for trial.


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